We are a firm leader in criminal, penitentiary and child law.

We are specialized in helping people who are in the difficult situation of being accused or sentenced for any offence.

The offences can be serious, less serious and a misdemeanor or minor infraction according to the punishment applied to them.

When the Law punishes with prison for more than 5 years the offence is considered to be serious; less serious offences are the ones punished with prison for between 3 months and 5 years; and last, minor infractions are behaviors with low punishments such as fines of 10 days to 6 months, or the permanent tracking of up to three months.

Whatever the offence you are accused of, a good advise can minimize its consequences.

Drugs trafficking

We defend people accused of a drug offence related to the drugs possession, the manufacturing or growing of substances or the traffic of cocaine, crack, marihuana, metamfetamine or any other substance. >It is a serious offence which requires an immediate and specialized defense.

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Crimes against property

The crimes against property or heritage, such as theft, robbery, fraud, extortion, aggravated or not by circumstances, are the most frequent in our country. They require the intervention of a lawyer for avoiding higher penalties.

Offences against sexual liberty

We take care of the criminal charges related to sexual offences, violation, exhibitionism, prostitution, sexual abuse or sexual aggression included. More information.

Violent crimes

We defend people involved in any violent crime, such as murder and homicide, injury of violent robbery, illegal detention and kidnapping, threats and coercion, or gender-based violence (such as abuse, threats or sentence breakdown). If you have been accused of any of these offences you need to immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer, as the potential conviction is quite serious.
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Offences against traffic safety

If you have been arrested or accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or of driving under the influence of any drug, you can be punished even with prison penalties and withdrawal of your driving license. You need a good lawyer who can reduce that penalty. Sanz Cabrejas will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need for your defense. More information

Otros Other offences
  • Forgery
  • Cybercrime (phising, hacking, revealing secrets)
  • Crimes against the rights of workers
  • Crimes against the rights of foreigners
  • Illegal arrest and kidnapping
  • Libel and slander
  • Threats and coercion
  • Gender-based violence (abuse, threats, sentence breakdown)
  • Non-payment of pension and breach of visits regime
  • Tax and Corporate crimes
Children defense

We help children accused of any charge in criminal matters, including robbery, sexual offenses, drugs related offenses, assault and weapons possession. We reduce the sentence to the minimum possible. More information

Penitentiary regime

The stay in prison can be overcome better with a lawyer to defend the rights of the detainee and who knows the possibilities of the prison system. We work to get prison leaves, achieving the third degree and the probation, the accumulation of sentences, or the transfer between prisons.

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You have the right to a lawyer.

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