Penitentiary Regime

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  • Review of the penitentiary degrees rating. You should know that in Spain there are three degrees of confinement based on the type of the offence committed and its danger. Each of them carries a number of measures which vary widely, such as visits regime, or their status within the prison itself. Therefore, it is important to fight for getting the third degree by which the prisoner may enjoy a semi-freedom regime.
  • Regular and special permissions, enabling him/her to leave prison.
  • Maximum limits for the enforcement of sentences which have been imposed and the accumulation and consolidation of convictions which allow for the shortening of the effective time in prison.
  • Weekend outputs and scheduled outputs
  • Visits regime in prison: the prison system allows inmates to communicate regularly with their families and friends, as well as to communicate with them through written letters.
  • National and international transfers of prisoners
  • Internal File System FIES (FIES): it consists of a series of measures used by the prison Administration which consists in greater control and surveillance, based on the type of offence committed or his/her prison record.

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Frequently, a criminal conviction involves the obligation of having to serve a prison sentence.

The duration of that sentence is established in the sentence, but the effective time of enforcement, the conditions under which it is performed and the enjoyment of prison benefits are elements which can vary greatly from case to case.

For this reason it is essential to have the services of a lawyer expert in prison law who will advise you at every step on the best possible situation, the potential benefits which can be obtained or the risks which may incur if you take certain actions while in prison.

Sanz Cabrejas are specialists in prison law, which means that we are in the best position to ensure that, if necessary, the effective enforcement of prison sentences is as tight as possible, depending on the personal circumstances of the customer.   We hold weekly visits to detention centers, allowing us to completely track the condemnation schedule of our customers and to care for their needs.In addition, the holder of the firm, Juan Ignacio Sanz Cabrejas, is particularly qualified in this area, as a part of the Prison Legal Advice Service of the Bar of Madrid.


Call us and we will help. Your situation during the period of the sentence will depend greatly on the lawyer who assists you.

We increase your chances of getting permissions, probation or improve your visits service.

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If the accused is in prison, we can meet with him and discuss his/her case in the same detention centre.
We will advise and defend related to any case of penitentiary regime throughout the country. The first consultation is free.

Remember: More important than the offense you are charged of is the lawyer who defends you.

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