Defense of Children

Criminal law not only affects adults but also covers alleged criminal offences where children older than 14 years are involved. Sanz Cabrejas is specialized in the management of criminal proceedings where the defendant is a minor, both in the defense position and in the prosecution position.

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  • Records of juvenile reform
  • Internment in Juvenile Detention Center
  • Probation
  • Mediation and out-of-court conciliation procedures
  • Review of measures imposed in sentence

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If your child has been charged with a criminal offense, the intervention of a lawyer is essential from the first time.

When a minor is charged with a crime, the Prosecution, besides taking him/her a statement and performing the appropriate investigations, may request the internment of the minor in a specific center, his probation and any type of medical therapy or any other type of treatment. Therefore, it must be assisted at all times by a lawyer who seeks to minimize the consequences of offence and get his/her freedom.

The juvenile court is special in that they are applied some specific criminal laws and are prosecuted in Spain by courts different to the ones for the rest of the citizens, such as the Courts for minors. Furthermore, research by the prosecution or the participation of the technical team are specialties that only occur in this type of procedures delivered against children, so it is highly advisable to be assisted in this matter by someone who specifically knows about it. Do not go to a generalist lawyer but to one who is specialized in defending minors so he can effectively advise you.

The consequences of this type of offences can be serious: they can end up in a reprimand but also in the internment of the child in a center for years. When it is time to decide, other aspects such as age, personal circumstances, the child’s interests and others are taken into account. However, he/she also has got important rights which should not be violated during the proceedings. To do this, your child must be assisted at all times by a lawyer specialized in this matter, who advices him/her and fights for minimizing the consequences of a offence which can mark the rest of his/her life.

Call us and we’ll help. Your possible sentence will greatly depend on the lawyer who assists you.

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If the accused is in prison, we can meet with him and discuss his/her case in the same detention centre.
We will advise and defend related to any case of defense of children throughout the country. The first consultation is free.

Remember: More important than the offense you are charged of is the lawyer who defends you.

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