Drug Trafficking

We represent customers facing drug trafficking charges with all kinds of substances: marihuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy or other substances, including:

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • The cultivation of narcotics
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drugs Manufacturing
  • Drugs Distribution
We defend people accused of drug trafficking

In Spain, production and marketing of chemicals considered harmful to public health is prohibited and therefore constitutes a criminal offense with serious consequences which can include a harsh imprisonment. Nevertheless, offences related to narcotics are one of the most common in criminal law and in fact, they constitute a large percentage of the sentences imposed by the courts of our country.

The consequences of a conviction for a drug offense vary widely depending on the circumstances, but also on your defense. You may be sentenced to long prison penalties, according to the type and amount of drugs, in addition to fines and economic sanctions. But further, a person with a criminal record for drug offenses may suffer problems throughout his life, from finding a job to be expelled and deported from the country if you are a non-citizen. Therefore, and due to the special complex nature of these crimes, you should contact as soon as possible those who can prepare a good defense.

However, remember that being accused, or even arrested, for any of these offences does not mean that you will be condemned. The sentence depends on many circumstances, but a good defense carried out by a lawyer specialized in this type of offences is essential. In Sanz Cabrejas we have a wide experience in defending customers accused of drug offenses of various kinds, including selling drugs, its marketing or narcotics growing. We will start working on your case as soon as you contact us and we will try to eliminate or minimize the consequences of the charges you are accused of.

At the office or in prison


If the accused is in prison, we can meet with him and discuss his/her case in the same detention centre.
We will advise and defend related to any case of drug offenses throughout the country. The first consultation is free.

Remember: More important than the offense you are charged of is the lawyer who defends you.

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