Offences with violence

In Sanz Cabrejas we will help you if you are involved in any of the following offenses:

• Homicide or murder
• Injurie
• Threats
• Coercions
• Illegal detentions and kidnapping
• Torture
• Domestic violence

If you are involved in any of these offences, you should remember that:


  • if you are detained you are entitled to appoint a criminal lawyer of your choice.
  • if you are called to testify before the police or before the judge you have the right to have a lawyer of your choice to accompany and defend you.
  • you have the right to not to testify and not to plead guilty.

Call us and we’ll help you. Your possible sentence will depend greatly on which lawyer will assist you.

We defend people involved in a violent crime such as murder and homicide, assault or robbery with violence.

Such offenses carry very serious penalties; they are among the offences which impose harsher penalties. However, this sentence varies depending on the charges, the orientation of the defense or the strategy followed during the criminal proceedings. Therefore, if you have been accused of any of these crimes, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer having a wide experience on this type of crimes and who knows how to approach the case to be as beneficial as possible for the defendant.


In Sanz Cabrejas we will help you if you are involved in any of the following offenses:
Homicide or murder: offence consisting of killing someone. Its rating and sentence will depend on the occurrence of a number of circumstances, such as premeditation, reward or cruelty. It is one of the offenses with higher penalties associated.
Injuries: offence consisting of causing other person an injury that impairs his/her bodily integrity or physical or mental health.
Threats: offence consisting of intimidating someone using threats and coercion.
Coercions: offense by which a person prevents another one of doing something, or forces him/her to do something he/she does not want to.
Illegal detentions and kidnapping: offence in which someone who locks or stops someone depriving him/her of his/her liberty incurs.
Torture: an offence of torture is committed by someone who inflicts another person a degrading treatment, seriously injuring his integrity.
Domestic violence: offence consisting of physical or mental violence exertion against a family member. In this case, the filing of a complaint can carry important interim measures such as detention, a restraining order, the prohibition to communicate with the victim or the prohibition to travel outside the country.

At the office or in prison


If the accused is in prison, we can meet with him and discuss his/her case in the same detention centre.

We will advise and defend related to any case of offences with violence throughout the country. The first consultation is free.

Remember: More important than the offense you are charged of is the lawyer who defends you.

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