Offences against Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety offences carry penalties ranging from withdrawal of the driving license, up to large monetary fines or even imprisonment. For this, you need a lawyer to defend you if you have committed any of these offences:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Refusing to alcohol screening tests
  • Driving without driving license, because of withdrawal or by never having obtained it
  • Driving under the influence of narcotics
  • Reckless driving


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The most common offense is driving under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, you must consider which are the blood-alcohol levels permitted in Spain:

1. Drivers in general: 0,5 g/l in blood or 0,25 mg/l in exhaled air
2. Professional drivers: 0,3 g/l in blood or 0,15 mg/l in exhaled air
3. Novice drivers: 0,3 g/l in blood or 0,15 mg/l in exhaled air

If you exceed these rates you incur an infringement that may involve criminal liability. Further, in these cases, the procedure may be treated as a speedy trial, and so you need a lawyer in the early hours.
Therefore, if you have been subjected to a breathalyser test with a positive result, you should know that you will be summoned to a speedy trial within one or several days and, in this situation, the assistance of a blood alcohol expert criminal lawyer is crucial to avoid or reduce the consequences of this offence.

We also defend those involved in injury cases by reckless driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Even in cases where alcohol or drugs were involved in the causes of an accident, a good defense can make a big difference in the penal consequences.

Sanz Cabrejas offers a strong defense, which will try to obtain absolution whenever possible, trying to counter the evidence adduced for them not to involve enough incriminating content. If there is strong evidence against you, we will try to get a minimum sentence in any case avoiding prison sentences. In addition, we will fight for economic fine to be as small as possible, and that you can split its payment. And of course, once the sentence has been served, we will try to cancel all its criminal record so as them to have no consequences for your future.

Call us and we’ll help. Your possible sentence will greatly depend on the lawyer who assists you.

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We will advise and defend related to any case of offences against traffic safety throughout the country. The first consultation is free.

Remember: More important than the offense you are charged of is the lawyer who defends you.

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