SANZ CABREJAS is a criminal lawyers firm with their head office in Madrid, which services throughout the national territory.


Our compact and very specialized team knows perfectly the situation which a person involved in a criminal proceeding is experiencing.

Being detained, cited or accused of an offence can be a devastating experience for the accused and his/her family. Nevertheless, this circumstance not always means a sentence if it is well managed. All our lawyers, specialized in criminal matters, will help you throughout the proceedings, will protect your rights, will assume your defense before the courts and will fight for you.

With the help of Sanz Cabrejas lawyers, your case can be dismissed, your time in prison can be reduced, your penitentiary regime can be more comfortable, taking advantage of the leaves and benefits the system offers, your child can leave free of the charges he/she is accused of and that, without an optimum defense, could carry throughout his/her life.

That is why, in our firm only expert criminal lawyers are working, because the seriousness of the cases we are tasked requires a thorough knowledge which guarantees the best defense for our customers. We have represented hundreds of people which were in quite complex situations, achieving great results.

Our firm will revise the facts and possible defense of your case, and will provide you an immediate assessment, its possible seriousness and the best strategy to be applied.

We will talk with you for free and with no type of obligation, either face to face at the office, in the detention centre or through videoconference. We can respond to your questions, explain to you the charges you are accused of and which are the possible defenses or sentences which you could receive during the proceedings.

We have the knowledge and expertise you need. Remember: The choice of the defense lawyer is more important than the offences you are accused of.

Juan Ignacio Sanz Cabrejas

Born in Madrid in 1976. He has a Degree in Law from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and is member of Madrid Bar Association.

In 2006, after spending a few years working for another well known firm in Madrid, he started his professional office, where he is exercising the legal profession since.

Born in Madrid in 1976. He has a Degree in Law from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and is member of Madrid Bar Association.

He also has a Degree in Criminal Litigation Practice, Child Law and Prison Law related to New Technologies, and English Law, as well as in Forensic Oratory.

He is delegate of the Penitentiary Legal Advice Service in Madrid Bar Association.

Regular contributor to newspapers, radio and television, thus contributing with his professional judgment to news reports.

: Spanish and English.


24 hours

7 days a week.